Tentative plans to relocate the Greenwich United Way office to a new home in town are underway.

GREENWICH, Conn. – Tentative plans to relocate the Greenwich United Way office to a new home in town are underway. The current office building at 1 Lafayette Court is expected to be offered for sale on the real estate market just after Labor Day. A top priority for Greenwich United Way CEO, David Rabin, is a more functional space for development and better flexibility for staff and volunteers.

“Our building was a gift to the Community Chest and Council by Gen. Arthur H. Carter. In 1975 the Community Chest became Greenwich United Way and has developed into the leading provider of human service needs information and funding in the Town of Greenwich, having allocated over $20 million in the last ten years alone. If the move takes place, we would use our new space to engage new partners and donors, and position ourselves to better inform and serve stakeholders. Such a change would give our organization the opportunity to enhance both income and mission outreach in addition to returning a valuable property to the tax rolls.”

Leadership at Greenwich United Way sees the proximity to town as an asset although the current space no longer meets the needs for Greenwich United Way development and program funding. Greenwich United Way Board Chair, Karen Keegan, expressed Board support for the possible move by stating: “The potential relocation is intended to streamline our operational efficiency and effectiveness. We are seeking a space that will accommodate the technology and infrastructure necessary for us to perform the unique function that only the Greenwich United Way provides: leadership in designing collaborative solutions beginning with our Needs Assessment, mobilizing the community, and delivering lasting results.”

Newmark (NGKF Capital Markets) will represent Greenwich United Way in the potential sale of the property. Visit (www.greenwichunitedway.org) for information and news related to Greenwich United Way.

About Greenwich United Way

The Greenwich United Way shares a name with approximately 1,400 other similar organizations across the nation, although the Greenwich, Connecticut division is a privately incorporated, locally governed, nonprofit agency. As a volunteer driven organization, the Greenwich United Way exists to help identify and address the human service needs specific to its local community and to create and affect meaningful solutions. Through various fundraising efforts, the organization is able to directly allocate the funds necessary to accomplish this goal. The Greenwich United Way also invests in and conducts collaborative efforts to address broad based community needs with partnering nonprofit agencies.


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