Greenwich United Way Survey Aims to Uncover Unmet Human Service Needs

GREENWICH, Conn., February 24, 2020 The Greenwich United Way Needs Assessment Survey 2020 is underway and resident input is greatly needed. The quinquennial survey measures unmet human service needs in the community in order to empower the GUW to thoroughly research and fund solutions for the most critical issues. Survey participation is imperative to ensure that results facilitate services in Greenwich for those who need them most.


“This year’s Greenwich United Way Needs Assessment is our blueprint to uncover the human services needs that we will address in the coming few years. Resident participation is greatly needed as responses to the survey will help us determine where we focus our programs and funding to ensure Greenwich remains a premier place to live, work, raise a family and retire,” said David Rabin, CEO of Greenwich United Way. “Our longstanding mission remains: to uncover unmet health, education and self-sufficiency needs, raise awareness and support, and together with community partners, deliver lasting results. This survey will set our strategic course to help us achieve our mission.”


Developed in conjunction with Fairfield University’s Center for Social Impact, the Needs Assessment surveys Greenwich residents on the following areas:


  • Basic Human Needs – Equality, housing, nutrition and financial needs
  • Mental and Physical Health – Care services, counseling, healthcare and substance abuse services
  • Crisis and Disaster Services – Disaster preparedness, domestic abuse and violence, violence and crime
  • Families, Children and Seniors – Childcare, education, employment and recreation
  • Community Resources – Planning and development, environment, service coordination and immigration support


At the culmination of the survey, response analysis will dictate the structure of focus groups, interviews and any specific follow-up required. Concurrently with the survey, publicly available town and census information and resources related to human services is being collected and will be used to supplement survey data in order to properly fund and address the issues uncovered.


The survey will be open until March 31 and Greenwich residents are invited to take part online at Those who received a post card invitation in the mail are asked to reference the survey code included to help GUW measure resident participation.


For questions or more information about the Needs Assessment Survey 2020, contact Robert Moore at the GUW at

About Greenwich United Way

The Greenwich United Way (GUW) shares a name with approximately 1,200 other similar organizations across the nation, although the Greenwich, Connecticut division is a privately incorporated, locally governed, nonprofit agency. As a volunteer-driven organization, the Greenwich United Way exists to help identify and address the health, educational and self-sufficiency needs specific to its local community and to create and affect meaningful, lasting solutions. Through various fundraising efforts and on-going research, the organization is able to directly grant the funds necessary to accomplish this goal. The Greenwich United Way also invests in and conducts collaborative efforts to address broad-based community needs with partnering nonprofit agencies.

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