Greenwich United Way’s Greenwich COVID-19 Community Relief Fund Issues Grants for Kids In Crisis and Meals on Wheels

GREENWICH, Conn., APRIL 22, 2020 – The Greenwich United Way’s Greenwich COVID-19 Community Relief Fund issued its second round of grants totaling $13,500 for Kids In Crisis and Meals on Wheels. The GUW Board of Directors and Grants Committee volunteers, including Greenwich selectperson Jill Oberlander, continues to review proposals from local agencies, conducting a deep dive into each organization’s financials, and assessing the specific recovery-related needs.
“As more and more Greenwich residents are homebound due to COVID-19, requests for meal delivery increase significantly day after day,” said Debra Schwartz, Vice President of Meals on Wheels. “This grant – our first ever from the Greenwich United Way – helps us feed those in our town facing food insecurity.”
“Our Grants Committee is thoroughly reviewing and assessing grant applications as quickly as possible to turn around and issue grants as fast and effectively as we can while holding true to our process,” said David Rabin, CEO of Greenwich United Way. “The unmet needs in town continue to grow and the GUW is here to help our funded agencies provide those essentials. We are inspired by the organizations in town that have risen to address the challenging circumstances that this crisis has put on all of us.”
The Greenwich COVID-19 Community Relief Fund provides disaster relief and recovery efforts for Greenwich residents experiencing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Grant applications are still being accepted for non-profit local agencies supporting relevant relief efforts and can be submitted to GUW’s Director of Community Impact, Robert Moore at Donations can be made to the fund here.
About Greenwich United Way
The Greenwich United Way (GUW) shares a name with approximately 1,200 other similar organizations across the nation, although the Greenwich, Connecticut division is a privately incorporated, locally governed, nonprofit agency. As a volunteer-driven organization, the Greenwich United Way exists to help identify and address the health, educational and self-sufficiency needs specific to its local community and to create and affect meaningful, lasting solutions. Through various fundraising efforts and on-going research, the organization is able to directly grant the funds necessary to accomplish this goal. The Greenwich United Way also invests in and conducts collaborative efforts to address broad-based community needs with partnering nonprofit agencies. For more information, visit, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
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