Greenwich United Way Statement on Allegations of Misconduct Against United Way Worldwide

The Greenwich United Way is aware of a recent article referencing allegations of misconduct at United Way Worldwide. While we share a name with approximately 1,200 other similar organizations across the nation, the Greenwich United Way is an independent, privately incorporated, locally governed, nonprofit agency governed by its own Board of Directors. That said, as a member of the United Way network, we take the recent allegations seriously and await the results of the independent investigation underway.

While we are all independent, all United Ways share a mission and values; we at the Greenwich United Way have adopted a comprehensive approach to enforce a zero-tolerance policy in the workplace with regard to discriminatory, offensive, or threatening behavior. We strive to maintain a supportive and respectful workplace and we have strong policies and procedures in place to report and address any types of misconduct, including protections for those who bring allegations of this behavior. The Greenwich United Way is an equal opportunity employer and believes in creating and maintaining a climate in which all staff and volunteers are safe is a must.

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