Annual Report


Make An Impact – Support the Greenwich United Way

Financial Recap

Donor Honor Roll

Our Volunteers

Honor Roll of Donors

Honor Roll of Donors


Anonymous (2)

Mr. James Boardman

Roberta and Steve Denning

Excelerate Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Hadley

Debra Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Kaufman

Karen and Dennis Keegan

John and Eileen Kim

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Malkin

Susan and Stephen Mandel

Barbara and Tony Mayer

Indra Nooyi

The Ohnell Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Townsend III

Marie and Bill Woodburn


$20,000 to $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. James Cooper

Doug &  Livvy Floren and Family

Greenwich Hospital Employees

Panwy Foundation, Inc.

The Lebensfeld Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Varvel


$15,000 to $19,999


The Ruth W. Brown Foundation

Amy Dates Carbone

Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation Inc.

Frances and Bill Deutsch

Tony and Judy Evnin

Phyllis and Dan Finn

Sabrina Pray Forsythe

Drs. Henry and Michele Gasiorowski

John and Lile Gibbons

Joui Hessel and Jimmy Hexter

Leah and Alain Lebec

Susan E. Lynch

Ohnell Charitable Lead Trust

Karen Royce

The Sontheimer Foundation

Brook and Michael Urban

Gary  and Deborah Wendt

Michael P. and Diane S. Zarrilli


$10,000 to $14,999

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Shari E. Aser and Mr. Bill James

Mr. Kenneth G. Bartels and Ms. Jane F. Condon

Bevan-Daddino Foundation

Louis & Virginia Clemente Foundation

Leslie and John Cooper

Vicki and David Craver

Nancy and Kenneth Duffy

Greenwich Alliance for Education

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Halcom

Mike and Sally Harris

Judy O. Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hogan

Lori and Allen Jackson

Ms. Eva Maria Janerus

Cricket and Jim Lockhart

Shelly and Tony Malkin

Arthur and Elizabeth Martinez

Dolly and Charles Mayer

Virginia and Juan M. Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mifflin

Danielle and James Mossman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Niemeth

Night Owl Capital Management, LLC

Carin Ohnell

Paula K. Oppenheim

Louis and Catherine Paglia

Mr. and Mrs. David Rabin

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Rudy

The Sexton Family Foundation

Anne C. Sherrerd

Michael Siegmund and Cheryl Saban

Craig and Dorothy Stapleton

Denis and Katia Streiff

Ms. Laurie Tropiano

Diane and Rick Viton

Jon and Jill Weiner

Nancy and Mark Weissler

The Malcom Hewitt Wiener Foundation

Peter A. Wright

Ralph M. Wyman


$5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (2)

Abilis Employees

Bank of America

Mrs. Allan H. Bernard

Ms. Camille Broderick

Brunswick School – Corporate

Kip and Kath Burgweger

Lang and Lyn Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Marko Djuranovic

Eversource Energy

Family Centers, Inc. Employees

Mr. and Mrs. Mario P. Forlini

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Gabelli

Mr. Robert Giannetti and Ms. Carey Wunsch-Giannetti

Greenwich Association of Realtors

Greenwich Hospital

Greenwich Rotary Foundation

Sandra R. Herman

IBM Corporation

Robbie and Al Kestnbaum

Nicole and Stan Kwasniewski

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Large

Tina Lindstedt

Brian and Giovanna Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Morris, Jr.

JP Muir, CEO Home Care Connectors

Drs. David Mullen and Gina Gladstein

Ms. Deanna Mulligan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Nappi

Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Nesvig

Mr. Richard R. S. Northrop

Pat and Nick Ohnell

Jill Oberlander and Laurence Penn

Lee and Bud Prince

Resource Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Herald L. Ritch

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roth

Diana G. Serrell

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Shaw

Larry and Anna Simon

Heidi B. and Scott M. Smith

Prof. Arnold and Mrs. Connie Stancell

Suzanne and Robert Steinberg

Ginger and Carl Stickel

TD Bank Employees

Mr. Kenneth Thompson

Town of Greenwich

Kerry and Charles Tyler

The John L. & Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation

The Winokur Family Foundation


$2,500 to $4,999


Louis and Sally Arovas

John and Lucy Barrett

The Honorable and Mrs. Richard Blumenthal

Mrs. Frederic H. Brooks

Philippa and James Burke

Mrs. Walter Burke

Mr. George F. Clements, Jr.

Mr. Michael D. Cochrane and Ms. Katharine H. Ashworth

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cohn

Barbara and Richard Collins

Confidence Foundation

Andrea and Lou DeBergalis

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Eisenberg

Ann R. Elliman

Laura and Dave Erickson

William and Elizabeth Finger

Cathy and Dan Fitzgerald

Frank and Carol Gilbride

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Heimbold, Jr.

Marie and Mel Hertzig

Mrs. Edna Keleshian

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Kerney

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kneisel

Mrs. Thomas S. Knight, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Logan

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Maus

Harriet Mazer

Miles F. McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Nelson

Heidi J. Nolte

People’s United Bank

Adriana and Bob Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Phillips IV

Mary Radcliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Raether

Ellen Schapps and Richard P. Richman

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Riemer

Barbara and Gary Rodkin

Alma Rutgers and Donald Snyder

Saks Fifth Avenue

Liz and Randal Sandler

Jane and Paul Shang

Ms. Rebecca Shenkman

Caralyn and Doug Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stone, Jr.

Vicki and Harold Tananbaum

Dr. and Mrs. George Tsangaroulis

Mr. and Mrs. David Wardell

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Wilson

Susan Wohlforth

Allison and Steve Wolowitz


$1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (5)

Maxine K. Armstrong (Mrs. Thomas E. Armstrong II)

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Arpano

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arredondo

Mr. and Mrs. George Artandi

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bego

Mr. Matthew Bergen

Matthew L. Bernard

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bohnsack

Michael Borkowsky

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Botoff

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Brauer

Keri Cameron

Chuck and Karen Chaplin

Mr. and Mrs. Julien Chemali

Ms. Edith W. Cooper and Mr. Robert L. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Coviello

James and Stephanie Cowie

Peter J. and Mary Jane H. DaPuzzo

Sam Deibler

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. DeNunzio

Helen and Bruce Dixon

Jen Donnalley

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Drinkall

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Dubin

Mr. Ryan Duffy

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Dunson

Wendy Duryea

Barbara L. Fenton-Bruce Croaning

Ray P. Foote, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Forlini

Scott and Icy Frantz

Jenn and Tony Frascella

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbert

Mrs. Robert T. Gilhuly

Dr. Danielle D. Goodwin

Greenwich Communties Employees

The Randall and Mary Hack Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Hagmann

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hentemann

Mary Ann Hoberman

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hopp

Ms. Michelle Horgan

Barbara and Daniel Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Jarvis

Janie and Robert Julius

Nancy Kail

Alyssa Keleshian

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kelley

KeyBank Foundation

Ms. Christine Kim and Mr. Peter Dusenberry

Don and Mimi Kirk

Robert and Lucy Krasnor

Mr. Darren Long and Mrs. Caitlin Kraus Long

Mr. and Mrs. John Z. Kukral

Olivia Langston

Mary Ellen and Harry LeBien

Mr. and Mrs. JB Lockhart

Mr. and Mrs. Mathew J. Lori

Richard Lutz

Ms. Kelly Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Madison

Don and Jan Marchand

Martin, Decruze & Company, LLP

David Martucci

Clarena and Craig McBeth

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McCall

Adelaide P. McManus

Mr. and Mrs. David McShane

Robert and Angenette D. Meaney

Shelley and Donald Meltzer

Kate Minton

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Miranda

The Mirza Family

Donna Moffly

Dennis and Donna Monson

Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Moore

Moore Family

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Moriarty, Jr.

Nancy B. Mott

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Musante, Jr.

Stephen and Naomi Schiff Myers

Sally and Tom Neff

Mrs. Edward Netter

Phyllis W. Nicholas

Mr. Edmund Noonan, C.P.A.

Nancy and Morris Offit

Beverly and Peter Orthwein

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Oztemel

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Painter

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Papa

Mr. Sylvester J. Pecora, Sr.

The Pet One Group, LLC

Gerald A. Pollack

Rand Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Retzler

Charles and Deborah Royce

Laurence and Brice Russian

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Russo

Christie C. Salomon

Scott Family

Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Sethi

Sorgenfrei (United Parcel Service)

Steve and Sandy Soule

Robert and Helen Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Stein

Louisa H. Stone

Ronald and Davidde Strackbein

Lisa and Scott Stuart

SunTrust  Employees

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Sutton

Molly Fergusson Tanaka

Town of Greenwich Employees

Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Turner

United Parcel Service Employees

Patrick J. Waide, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Walker

Mr. Tom S. Ward, Jr.

Bruce and Margie Warwick

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Torben Weis

Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Welsh

Mr. and Mrs. David W. West

Mr. Daniel S. Wichman

Donald G. Wiesen

Mr. and Mrs. David Wilfert

Ms. Brittni Brown Wulfshon

YWCA of Greenwich Employees

Nancy and Bill Zisson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Zoubek


$500 to $999

Anonymous (9)

Dr. Steven Altman

Ms. Amy E. Andrews

Aquarion Water Company of CT Employees

Perrin and Susan Arturi

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Balducci

William Barnum and Marianne Ho Barnum

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barolak

Mr. William G. Beeson and Ms. Lisa Eyles

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett T. Bembenek

Eryn and Michael Bingle

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Boolbol

Mr. and Mrs. David Braun

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Buchsbaum

Mrs. Elaine Buschmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Barron Butler

Mrs. James G. Carr

Ms. Jacqueline R. Chamandy

Mr. Charlton H. Chatfield

Dr. Tiffany Christensen

Dr. Michael R. Clain and Dr. Debra Pruzan-Clain

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Conover

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cotter

Mrs. Karin J. Crooks

Mr. Michael Cunnion

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Davis

Owen and Bonnie Davis

Jennifer Dayton

John Denne

Diamond Hill United Methodist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dinovo

Mrs. Richard F. Donahue

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Englert

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Ever

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Feinberg

Mr. Matt Finnerty and Ms. Vicki LaMura Finnerty

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Friedman

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stevens

Ms. Kathryn Gabler

Garden Catering

Ms. Aysa Geller

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. George

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gerardi

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Glasebrook

Mr. Nigel Glenday

Mr. and Mrs. Kip Graham

Greenwich Library Employees

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grillo

Mr. and Mrs. Hadi Hajjar

Hall Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hart

Dr. and Mrs. David A. Hedrick

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Higdon III

Linda Hodge

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hopkins

Michael J. Iacobelli

Ms. Clare F. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kallman

Mr. Matthew Kane

Ms. Julie Karish

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy E. Kaye, Esq.

Ms. Kellie Kerwin

Ms. Ayesha M. Khan

Mrs. William A. King

Patricia D. Klingenstein

Ms. Kristin Knowles

Mrs. Gail Knutsen

Rachel Kornfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kreuzer

Mr. and Mrs. John Kunschner

Dennis Ladd

Leslie and Charlie Lee

Ms. Melissa Lefer

Mrs. Melissa Levin

Eric Lindberg

Mr. and Mrs. Fabio Linda

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lischick

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Liu

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Love

Angela Lovely

Mrs. June Marks

Ms. Dana L. Marnane

Daniel McGarvey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McKelvey

Thomas Miele

Frank Moore

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mulcare

J. Allan Murphy

Walter and Monica Noel Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dana O’Brien

Ms. Beth O’Callaghan

Old Timer’s Athletic Association of Greenwich

Mr. and Mrs. K. Peter Orbanowski

Ms. Sarah Orlando

Ms. Abigail Orlando

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. P. Otton

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patchen

Dr. Athanassios Petrotos

Richard and Linda Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Zach Pratt

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Ragusa

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Ramer

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Richard

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Rinello

River House Adult Day Center Employees

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Rockliff

Marjorie Rosencrans

Dr. Rosemary Ryan

Sylvia Sarkisian

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Scott

William and Alice Sherwood

Ms. Margaret E. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Sisca, Esq.

Ms. Heeyoon Slater

George and Demetra Soterakis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Speer

Lorrie and George Stapleton

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stauffer

Mr. Stephen Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Seth D. Strickland

Patrick and Shelagh Sullivan

Ms. Erin Swanson

Ms. Marisol Rivera Thurman

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Tommasino

Ms. Jennifer Turano

Mr. Vincent Vecchiotti

Ms. Lisa Wanderer

William and Karen Watt

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weiner

David A. Weisbrod

William Whitridge

David and Christine Zadik

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Zarra

Chris and Julie Zielinski


$499 and Under

Anonymous (51)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Aaronson

Jim and Kathy Adams

Margaret D. Adams

Stuart and Marilyn Adelberg

John Adler

Julie Ahn

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Allen

Michael J. Allen, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Allen

AmazonSmile Foundation

Ms. Stella Anaston

Mr. and Mrs. Erling G. Andersen

Jodi Applegate

Ms. Lucy Arecco

Mrs. Patricia Armstrong

Mrs. Thomas Aser

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Asher

Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop R. Atkins

Lucy Auger

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Augustine

Linda and Gene Autore

Mr. and Mrs. John Awdziewicz

Mr. David Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Baker

Mr. Craig Baker

Carly Baratt

Ms. Hope Barcus

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Barron

Philip and Susan Bartels

Ms. Kathryn A. Barto

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Basham

Caryl Bate

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. John Behette

Eric Beiley

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mrs. Marguerite Bennett

Lissa F. Bentley

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Berg

Ms. Tatiana Berman

Deborah and Gary Berner

Mrs. Robert Bernhard

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Billinghurst

Mrs. Mary F. Blackwell

John Blankley

Mr. Peter Blanton and Ms. Penny Resnick

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Block

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bloom

Mr. and Mrs. John Bocchino

Ms. Shannon Bochichio

Paulette Macri Bodson

Mr. and Mrs. Werner Boensch

Mr. Peter Bomben

Mr. John Bonito

Susan Boolbol

Ms. Ellen G. Borker

Ms. Elizabeth Bourgoin

Ms. Eleanor Bowman

Boys & Girls Club, Greenwich Employees

Mrs. Margaret H. Bragg

Mr. Benjamin Branyan

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Breitfelder

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brendel

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brookfield

Mr. Tim Brooks

Ms. Toni V. Brown

Elyse Brown

Ms. Betty C. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. David Bruce

Mr. David Bruni, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Brydson

Burb Bakes

Ms. Lauren Burke

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Burns

Josephine M. Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Burton

Mr. Roger L. Busch

Mrs. Amelia M. Busch

Esther and Michael Bushell

Ms. Elizabeth Butler

Byram Archibald Neighborhood Center Inc.

Ms. Alston Calabrese

Mr. and Mrs. William Cameron

Mr. Alfred F. Camillo

Mr. John Cammeyer

Mr. Richard D. Campbell

Mr. Frederico Carballo and Ms. Liesbeth Carballo-Jans

Mrs. Dionigi Carboni

Mr. Luis Cardenas

Libby and Bob Carey

Patricia Carey

Ms. Gretchen Carlson

Mr. Gustavo Carmona

Mr. Anthony Carpentieri

Bernice I. Carroll

Ms. Kathleen Lynch Cartine

Ms. Dorothea O. Casale

Mrs. Anthony Catalano

Mr. Nicholas Chapar

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Chiavaroli

Chintz Giraffe, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Chodock

Ms. Becca Chodos

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. James Circelli

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Clark


Tory Clements

Mrs. James W. Cobbs

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Coelho

Community Centers Inc. Employees

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Connell

Nancy and Jim Cook

Mr. Anthony Cordelli

Edward D. Cosden, Jr.

John and Virginia Costaregni

Constance Cowen

Jean S. Crocco

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Crumbine

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Curtis

Ms. Betty Weber Cutting

Ms. Deborah DAlba

Ann and Kevin Daley

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dalton

Trisha Dalton

Dr. Richard L. Danehower

Suzanne Darula

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Davidson

Jennifer and Jeff Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Davis

Mrs. Jane DeBona

Lennie DeCsepel

Carol and Allan Deering

Art and Pat Delgrosso

Marie B. D’Elia

Larisa DeMott

Ms. Janet Demuth

Peggy Dickinson

Ms. Irene Dietrich

Kathleen DiGiovanna

Ms. Carol P. DiMassimo

Mariane Dominice

Mr. and Mrs. Sumner M. Dommerich

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Doran

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Dowling

Mrs. Alfred Duerst

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Dunn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Ecay

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Edwards

Susan Elbaz

Ms. Olivia Enright

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Epand

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Esposito

Dr. and Mrs. David D. Evans

Mr. James Evans and Ms. Maxine F. Biesenbach

Ms. Dagnija Eyles

Ms. Carla Fabiani

Dolores Fado

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Feda

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Federico

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ferrarese

Ms. Susan Ferris

Ms. Jessica Fetoni

Laurel Fine

Mr. Howard Fine

Ms. Amanda Finn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Finnell

Daphne W. Finney

Dawn and Dick Fiss

James Fleming

William H. Foulk, Jr.

Dr. Gaetane Francis and Dr. Lawrence Hirsch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Franck

Mrs. Michael F. Franco

Ms. Susan E. Frano

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Freedman

Richard and Lee Frenz

Ronald and Ann Friedman

Ms. Lynn Elise Friend

Ms. Kendl Fulco

Fuller Family 1620 Fund

Mr. Daniel E. Fuller and Mrs. Norma Fuller

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fullilove

Michael and Ellen Funck

Carl Fung

Mr. Peter Furth

Mr. and Mrs. Yves G. Gaden

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gaillard

Ms. Gail Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Garner

Ms. Michelle Gelinas

Ms. Alexis Gevanter

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gianquinto

Ms. Alyssa Gillego

Heather Goldberg

Margaret Tjimos and David Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Goldfarb

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Goldstein

Judy and Al Gordon

Mrs. Sylvia A. Gordon

Mr. Dean L. Goss

Laura and Bill Grad

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Grant

Mrs. J. Barrett Grant

Christie Coon and Allen Green

Marie and John Green

Mrs. Peter B. Griffin

Ms. Maggie Grise

Mr. David H. Griswold

Tracy and Keith Grossman

Ms. Gloria Guise

Henry and Karen Gunders

Mrs. Howard E. C. Hall and Holly Hall

Mary S. Halsey

Peter and Diana Hamilton

Dana S. Hammack

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hammock, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Haney

Nancy S. Harris

Adele Harris

Ms. Marilyn Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Harrison

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Hart

Thomas J. Heagney, Esq.

Margot and David Heap

Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Helmer

Rita B. Henderson

Jevera K. Hennessey, Esq.

Louise Herz

Mrs. Sharon Herzog

Mr. and Mrs. William Herzog

Charles Hilton Architects

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hobbs

Ms. Nanki Holm

Mrs. Harold R. Holmyard

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Horton

Monica and Leo Huang

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hughes

Hyatt Regency Greenwich Employees

Ms. Alanna M. Hynes Degisi

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hyson

Ilyse’s Pieces Hancrafted Jewelry

Kenneth A. Irvine

Ms. Beth Jabick

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Jamieson

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Jasperson

Kort and Elizabeth Jensen

Tara Jogee

Ms. Barbara A. Johann

Brenda and Howard Johnson

Ms. Elizabeth P. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Johnson

Kurt and Patricia Jomo

Ms. Beverly C. Jomo

Dr. Brian Kabcenell and Ms. Joanne Steinhart

Joan S. Kadlec

Audrey Kahn

Abraham Kane

Mr. David J. Kane

Ms. Maria Katsaros

Ms. Paula Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Shoney Katz

Dr. Stephen R. Katz and Ms. Jane Oppenheim

Rob and Shan Kay

Joel M. Kaye, Esq.

Ms. Jen Kearney

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Keeshan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kennedy

Ms. Linda W. Kennedy

Aaron Kennon

Ms. Amy Kerekes

Mrs. Renuka Khera

Carole J. Kiachif

Kids in Crisis Employees

Mary Lee and Jack Kiernan

Meghan Kies

Stefanie and Bill Kies

Mrs. Ines H. Kingsley

Karla M. Kirtland

Janet Kirwan

Sandi Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kloster

Gayle and Tom Kochan

Ms. Linda Koe

Ms. Margaret Kowalski

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kriskey, Jr.

The Honorable and Mrs. Edward T. Krumeich

Mr. Harold Kuplesky

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lagano

Mr. and Mrs. Stig F. Lagergren

Ms. Luisa Lander

Mrs. William T. Lapcevic

Tad and Pat Larrabee

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Latto

Mrs. Maurice Lauridsen, Jr.

Ms. Samuellle Lazar Jacobs

Mr. Paul Leblang

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Lee

Mr. Colin Lee

Ms. Chalon W. Lefbevre

Rachel LeMasters

Mr. Aaron J. Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Lewis

Virginia S. Liddel

Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Lilien

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lindskog

Lions Club Foundation of Greenwich Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lisiewski

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Litvack

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lochner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lohmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lowenstein

Arline and Marvin Lubin

Robert and Barbara Luce

Chad Luckenbach

James and Margot Mabie

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. MacDowell

Kerrith Mackay

John W. Macri, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Macri, Sr.

Joseph S. and Wendy V. Mallory

Sally Maloney

Ms. Domenica Manuli

Dolores and John Margenot

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mark

Ms. Mary Shaw Halsey Marks

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Marmon

Mr. Alon Marom

Ms. Maria L. Massimi

Susan Matsko

Jyette Maydole

Mariana Maza

Sue Hill McClenachan

Mr. and Mrs. James McGovern

Ms. Susan McGovern

Mrs. Robert G. McGregor

Ms. Erin McKenna

Mary B. McNamee

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. McStravick

Ms. Dorothea E. Meilinggaard

Alex Meleney & Laura Culley

Ms. Cecile Meunier

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyer

Mrs. C. Robert P. Meyjes

Mr. and Mrs. William Michaelis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford F. Mills

Mr. Edward Milton

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Minchin, Jr.

Dr. Katherine Mini

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Mintz

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Miranowski

Linda M. Molnar

Ms. Rosalie C. Monahan

Ms. Jeanne Montague

Mr. Daniel N. Montanaro

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Monteiro

Ms. Courtney Montgomery

Mrs. Michael Mora

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Morell

Mr. and Mrs. Benoit Morin

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Morley

Barb and Tim Morris

Mrs. Dale Morrison

Ms. Jeanette A. Moye

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Mueller

Neighbor to Neighbor Employees

Ms. Jayanti Nerurkar

Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Ness, Jr.

Ruth and Marc Newberg

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Newberry

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Nicholson

William H. Nickerson

Mr. Antonio Nicolo

Mr. Nicholas Nikas

Scott Niven

Ms. Audra Noble

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nordin

Ms. Samantha Novak

Mr. and Mrs. Graham H. Officer

Stefanie Offit

Ross H. Ogden

Amanda Oliva

Ms. Magaly Olivero

Fred Olsen

Jim Omstrom

John C. O’Neill

Edward and Barbara Oppedisano

Ms. Chloe Orlando

Mr. David D. Osborn

Mrs. Margaret L. Ostavar

Ms. Lisa Page

Lee Paine

Mr. Oscar Palencia and Ms. Judy Veliz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. Christos Papanicolaou

Paper & Stitch

Rhoda Pappenheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parker III

Sally N. Parris

Ms. Roseann Pastore

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patton

Michael A. Pavese

Joseph L. Pellegrino

People’s United Bank

Michael Perpich

Mr. and Mrs. Erich C. Peter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petrini

Mr. and Mrs. Stanford N. Phelps

Judith Piorkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Pittocco, Esq.

Ms. Ilona Pohl

Mr. and Mrs. Alan V. Polo

Marty Pompadur

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Popper

Gerald and Marianne Porricelli

Mr. and Mrs. Erford E. Porter II

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potocki

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Potter, Jr.

Ms. Mary G. Powers

Lolly H. Prince

Mr. and Mrs. Bret Rattray

Paula and Larry Rebak

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Redden

Mr. Gerald D. Reilly

Elizabeth Mary Reiss

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Rembaum

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Repik

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Resnick

Dr. Donald S. Resnick, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riess

Dedee and Jerry Rigg

Ann Robb

Ms. Lynn Robert

Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Romley

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rosenbaum

Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenberg

Mr. Richard Rosenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ross

Ms. Arabelle M. Rowe

Allan Ruchman and Amy Horbar

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rupp

Ms. Michelle Russ

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Russell, Jr.

Ms. Geraldine Russo

Mrs. Morna C. Ryan

Sacred Heart Greenwich

Mrs. Marie F. Salerno

Barbara D. Salop

Mr. and Mrs. David Samuels

Mr. Sergio Sanchez

Ms. Elizabeth Sanders

Mr. John Santoro

Ms. Karen Santucci

Mr. Keith Satter and Ms. Betsy Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Savitz

Mr. and Mrs. C. Barry Schaefer

Ms. Adrienne S. Schamberg

Mrs. Kurt G. A. Schlick

Ms. Renata M. Schmidt

Ms. Barbara Schulze

Ms. Audrey Scrutton

Mr. Harold E. Scuterud

Ms. Carolyn B. Servidio

Mrs. Charles B. Seton

Seven Barrels

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Shamshoian

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Shaw

Mr. J. Timothy and Dr. Judith F. Shea

Missy Egbert Sheehan & William Sheehan

Kyle Shepard

Ms. FiFi Sheridan

Ms. Michele Siegelman

Ms. Johanna Simon

Ms. Holly Singsen

Mr. and Mrs. Torsten Sippel

Mr. Jack Sipple

Sue and Edward Skalandunas, Jr.

Richard J. Slagle, Esq.

Ms. Leah Smith

Ms. Cynthia L. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sorbara


Splurge Gifts

Mr. and Mrs. George A. R. Spyrou

Benson and Betty Srere

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Stacey

Juliane G. Stautner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Stearns

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Steinle

Andrew Stickel

Stop & Shop – Community Bag Program

Mr. James J. Stoughton

Mr. Peter T. Strohmeier

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sutliffe

Ms. Anne D. Swallow

Thomas and Sally Talbott

Ms. Angela Tammaro

Mr. Nicolas Tchkotoua

Mr. and Mrs. Martijn Tel

Drs. Stylianos and Elizabeth Theofanidis

Mr. Jeffrey Thibeault

Sean Thomalen

The Honorable Kevin Tierney

Mrs. W. J. Timmermans

Mr. and Mrs. John Titsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Jon P. Tozzi

Transportation Assoc. of Greenwich (TAG) Employees

Ms. Maureen K. Tully

Ms. Christie Tully

Turn to The Wonderful Fund

Ms. Dina Urso

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Duyne

Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Van Ness

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Vecchiola, Esq.

Ms. Luz Velez

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vittoria

The Vivier Family

Mr. Christopher von Keyserling

Mary Wade

William B. Wagner

Mrs. William Warburton

Julianne C. Ward and Spencer Sodokoff

Ms. Grace Warne

Mr. Murphy Watner

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Wein

Noble Welch

Barbara and Douglas Wells

Mr. John F. Wells

Annie and Arthur Wichman

Michael T. Wiegand

Josephine Wiggin

Joseph Williamson Painting

Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Wilson

Robert E. Wilson

Ms. Chiara Wilson

Ms. Ruth P. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Winston

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Wolfe

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan M. Wolowitz

YMCA of Greenwich Employees

Mrs. Jane G. Young

Frank A. Zavattaro

Jeannette Vojt Zboray

Mr. Andrew C. Zieba

Ms. Carolyn Ziebarth

Peggy and Eric Zitzmann

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Zola

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Elizabeth Angelone

Maxine Armstrong

Shari Aser

Lisa Baird

Kelly Barrick

Kathleen Bembenek

Alessandra Billinghurst

Brooke Bohnsack

Kathleen Burgweger

Philippa Whalen Burke

Patricia Burns

Jennifer Butler

Ronnie Jiang Caffrey

Keri Cameron

Joe Capozzi

Amy Dates Carbone

Frank Carpenteri

Charron Carucci

Dorothy Cascerceri-Simone

Karen Chaplin

Hagar Chemali

Richard Collins

Marion Considine

Lisette Coviello

Laura Cunningham

Laura Daniel

Rebecca Davis

Amanda Davis

Frances Deutsch

Jane Dewinter

Grace Djuranovic

Tim Drinkall

Jessica Dunne

Jaime Eisenberg

Pamela  Ellison

Laura Erickson

Julie Fareri

Julie Faryniarz

Ryan Fazio

Laurinda Finelli

Elizabeth Finger

William Finger

Daniel Fitzgerald

Norma Foege

Kristen Forlini

Mario Forlini

Rhiannon Forlini

Sergio Forlini

Pamela  Fornero

Sabrina  Forsythe

Anne Franscioni

Nancy Fuzesi

Kristina  Gabelli

Lisa Garner

Laura Geffs

Asya Geller

Karen George

Carey Giannetti Wunsch

Blake Giffin

Nikki Glor

Shannon Gregor

Tim Gregor

Cliff Griffin

Monica Grisanti

Janice Gunnip

Natasha Gushin

Jamie Halcom

Julie Harrison

Kate Harvey

Erika Hawley-DiPaolo

Franzi Herman

Debra Hess

Joui Hessel

Alessandra Hinkle

Cynthia Holland

Karen Hopp

Nisha Hurst

Michael Iacobelli

Lori Jackson

Eva Maria Janerus

Clare Johnson

Keren Jozwiak

Nancy Kail

Cassaundra Karnal

Barbara Kavanagh

Shan Kay

Karen Keegan

Kristen Kelley

Kellie Kerwin

Robbie Kestnbaum

Eileen Kim

Lisa  Klein

Natasha Kloster

Kristin Knowles

Caitlin Kraus-Long

Nicole Kwasniewski

Kimberly Lake

Terry Lamantia

Victoria LaMura-Finnerty

Olivia Langston

Abbe Large

Liz Lazarus

Leslie Lee

Chalon Lefebvre

Melissa Levin

Melinda Lindland

Gina Linhart

Layla Lisiewski

Deborah Lobelson

Cricket Lockhart

Virginia Lockhart

Lisa Lori

Joan Lowe

Jan Marchand

John Maus

Clarena McBeth

Craig McBeth

Erin McCall

Abilgail  McCarthy

Betsy McIntyre

Karin B. McShane

Virginia Meyer

Thomas Miele

Kenneth Mifflin

Giovanna Miller

Kimberly Miller

Beth Miranda

Ruth Moskowitz

JP Muir

Allan Murphy

Maria Musante

Cynthia Nelli

Sarah Nia

Heidi Nolte

Claire Nordin

Blanch O’Connell

Magdalena Oshana

Karen Oztemel

Sharon Phillips

Jennifer Platt

Richard Porter

Jeffrey Ramer

Amy Repik

Kirsten Riemer

Sonal Rinello

Karen Royce

Caroline Russo

Laura Sabia

Danielle Sable

Gina Salese-Cortese

Patricia Santonocito

Sara Savov

Alysse Scott

Christina Settani

Mel Shahbazian

Rebecca Shenkman

Anne Sherrerd

Larry Simon

Jen Sisca

Amy Socher

Arnold Stancell

Natalie  Stein

Susan Stern

Kelley Steuerer

Margie Tenner

Victoria Thorman

Laurie Tropiano

Melanie Tsangaroulis

Jen Turano

Gina Tyler

Brook Urban

Liz Van Hell

Diane Viton

Olivia Walker

Lisa Wanderer

Marie Wardell

Anna Waters

Jill Weiner

Susan Weis

Nancy Voye Weissler

Carol Winklevoss

Susan Wohlforth

Allison Wolowitz

Marie Woodburn

Brittni Brown Wulfshon