To ensure the health and safety of all, each Brew Ha Ha attendee must provide proof of COVID vaccination or proof of a negative COVID PCR test taken after 6pm on Wednesday, September 22.


Note: Ticket purchasers are responsible for sharing the link with their guests!

Plan Ahead

If you are unvaccinated, schedule a COVID PCR test ASAP!

There are local testing locations.

CLICK HERE for reference.

Tell Your Guests!

Please share this information with any/all guests attending with you. Each attendee must register with their own email address. 

If you or your guests are not vaccinated, they must have a PCR test conducted.

Bring your clearance with you for entry!

Check your email folder for the approval email from CrowdPass. Please remember to take a screenshot (as an offline record) for an easy check-in experience.

If you cannot find the approval email, you can also log back into the CrowdPass system at to view your submission status. If your submission was indeed approved, clicking on YOU WERE APPROVED button would direct you to your approval QR code.

It's Easy!

If you are fully vaccinated, please complete the COVID CLEARANCE process as soon as possible! Once your vaccination card has been uploaded, your status will be confirmed.

If you prefer to provide proof of a negative COVID PCR test, please submit via CrowdPass no earlier than 48 hours before you arrive at the venue.

Step 1– Click on the Covid Clearance link at the top of this page

Step 2 – Register with CrowdPass using your unique email address to create a username and password. Use the exact name as it appears on your vaccination card or test results.

Step 3 – Approve the CrowdPass Terms of Use waiver. If you do not check this box, you cannot submit!

Step 4 – Upload your documentation:

  • Proof of vaccination can be uploaded any time before the event date.
  • A negative COVID PCR test result can be uploaded beginning 48 hours before you arrive at the event.

Step 5 – Await CrowdPass Approval notification or CrowdPass Request for further information. Once CrowdPass verifies your proof of vaccination or negative COVID PCR test, you will receive a digital health pass by email to present along with your tickets before you enter the venue.

Please remember to take a screenshot or bookmark your email for an easy check-in experience upon arrival. Plan to bring a photo or copy of your vaccination card or negative COVID PCR test paperwork with you to the Brew Ha Ha as a backup!

It's Safe!

CrowdPass is the digital health clearance provider for the Greenwich United Way. CrowdPass is HIPAA-compliant and uses the latest best practices for encryption, certificate and key management, backups, monitoring and logging. CrowdPass safely hosts attendee health screening data for a contact-tracing period of 28 days and then disposes of all data after that. The Greenwich United Way does not have access to any health data.