About Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters was founded in 2005 as the Women’s Initiative for the Greenwich United Way. Since our founding, we have raised close to $2 million dollars. Each year, Sole Sisters identifies and supports a specific cause. Our causes have ranged from improving educational services in the community to supporting mental health initiatives.

Become a
Sole Sister

Our group is always growing, and we would be delighted to welcome new members. If you’re interested in becoming a Sole Sister this year, please email us (info@greenwichunitedway.org) or call us at 203.869.2221.

Lifetime Sole Sisters

We recognize our founders and leaders for the vision and support that have enabled the Sole Sisters to become as strong an initiative as it is today that has helped countless individuals and families step forward.

Lifetime Sole Sister Members

Maxine K. Armstrong

Philippa Whalen Burke

Patricia Burns

Keri Cameron

Amy Carbone

Laura Cunningham

Diane Darst+

Amanda Davis

Karen Keegan

Robbie Kestnbaum

Leslie Lee

Cricket Lockhart

Lisa Lori

Jan Marchand

Giovanna Miller

Kimberly Miller

Anne Sherrerd

Victoria Thorman

Jill Weiner

Susan Weis

Carol Winklevoss

Susan Wohlforth

Allison Wolowitz